Our facility is located on 8 acres with child-centered classrooms that are designed specifically for children.  

The classrooms celebrate diversity through the use of materials and print representing different cultures, ethnicities and abilities.  This helps foster an attitude of respect and an understanding of each other’s differences. They also encourage skill development in the areas of:  practical life, math, language (including sign language, Spanish, and Hindi-in print), science, geography/cultural studies, history, art, music, perceptual motor development, and consumer/career education.

With safety and development as a top priority, both are achieved through building design and staff implementation.  The decor, paint colors, and music used in the classrooms and throughout the building have been selected to be tranquil and soothing-supporting children's sensory development as research indicates bright colors can over stimulate children, making it difficult to focus and learn.  

If you haven't visited our school before, or if it has been several months since your visit, stop by to see some of the exciting improvements in both of these areas throughout our school!

Our Mission

Villa Montessori School is accredited and subject to review by the Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS) and the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

The FIRST ExceleRate GOLD rated Montessori program in the entire state of Illinois and the FIRST ExceleRate Gold rated center in the greater Quad Cities area, Villa Montessori School is focused on providing the highest quality care, the best education, and dedicated to continuous improvement. 

Villa Montessori School is one of only two schools in the Quad Cities area which has achieved ISACS accreditation. The elementary education provided by our school is fully transferable to other school systems.​

​A member school of the American Montessori Society, our dedication and implementation of the Montessori philosophy is at the core of who we are.

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our team

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Our Quality

Villa Montessori will challenge the child in an environment of freedom within reasonable limits. Each class with its multi-age group is its own community, within the whole, in which children live and work cooperatively to develop responsible citizenship. Our curriculum equips the children to become responsible citizens with multi-cultural awareness and community involvement. Our prepared environment with new and challenging activities is designed to move the child from concrete to the abstract and create a positive attitude toward learning. The child will develop a questioning and analytical mind. Creative thinking, problem solving, creative expression, and social skills will develop in the child. The child will gain a love for learning that will last a lifetime.

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Our school

Villa Montessori School

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Our Community

A sense of community is supported and fostered throughout each classroom, our school, and our greater community on a daily basis.

While our Elementary program students will take field trips supporting classroom topics throughout the year, our younger students are able to interact with their school and greater community through experiences brought to school, rather than off-site field trips.  Such experiences are shared through school-wide community service, peer-to-peer support, and monthly Spirit Days.  

Spirit Day experiences provide the children the opportunity to enjoy new experiences in a safe and familiar environment.  Spirit Day celebrations can include: visits from local K-9 officers, therapy animals, dentists, musicians, artists and more. Student-made art and science fairs allow the children to showcase their work in a gallery type setting while a recital for all ages and performance of the Nutcracker Suite allow the children to gain experience performing in a safe and comfortable setting.

We actively participate in several programs involving/supported by our local community including but not limited to: Junior Achievement, YMCA, Figge Museum, QC Botanical Center, and Putnam Museum to supplement work in the classrooms.

VMS Staff members are caring, enthusiastic, early childhood professionals who share a respect for the children they work with and creatively guide them through learning experiences.

The teaching staff at VMS is among the most qualified & professional you will find at any school in the Quad Cities.  In addition to their work at VMS, many staff members also participate in and present at local and national education conferences, workshops, and summits and facilitate several staff development programs throughout the area.  Staff members are trained in the Montessori Method on-site at the Montessori Heartland Teacher Education Center, which is accredited by Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE) and affiliated with the American Montessori Society (AMS).